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Njalsgade 21F, 6th floor
3200 Copenhagen S

Mono + Mono is a creative design agency located in Copenhagen, Denmark, focused on developing inspiring products and useful solutions. We control the entire value chain to ensure that everything is of the highest quality and every standard is met. 


+ Partners

Mono + Mono honors the strategic alliances, incubators & programs we take part in. Without these strongholds of knowledge, none of our ideas would ever see the dawn of day.

Thank you for believing in us!

Damvig Develop

One of the leaders in 3d printing in Scandinavia and is aiming to become the leader in Europe within
additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping, as well as being the go to prototype maker in Denmark.

All our prototypes are made pro-bono as Damvig sees Sitpack as unique product with never
before seen constructions and demands for 3d printing, hence Sitpack has become a showpiece
to tell the skills Damvig holds.



Print on Sitpacks.


Packaging and package print.


Accelerace is Scandinavia's leading start-up accelerator that helps
new businesses make the most of their national and international potential.

Plougmann & Vingtoft

IPR advise. Favorable price. They will use Sitpack as Case for marketing.

Creative Business Cup
Our most recent journey into a setup meant for scaling our business is Creative Business Cup.
With its panel of entrepreneurs competent business partners and investor networks CBC lives to send your business off with lightspeed.

Final is coming up June 24th and we are going to be there!


Go Grow is a hands-on growth-oriented startup program at the School of Entrepreneurship (CSE). 
The Go Grow program is a six months program of intense collaboration within companies, between
companies and, of course, with our partners, mentors, experts and CSE staff. The Go Grow curriculum,
focuses, hands-on expertise and tools and is designed to help entrepreneurs make their business thrive,
and to prepare the start-ups for growth.

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

Our dear father. We have already been a guest for a long time, and hope stay for even longer.

CSE help student entrepreneurs from all universities develop their ideas into business and create
practice-based knowledge, teaching methods and tools that can be used in both entrepreneurial
teaching and practices in society.