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Njalsgade 21F, 6th floor
3200 Copenhagen S

Mono + Mono is a creative design agency located in Copenhagen, Denmark, focused on developing inspiring products and useful solutions. We control the entire value chain to ensure that everything is of the highest quality and every standard is met. 



Here you can some of the cases we have worked on in the past.

Mono+ examines your future market needs to provide you with
concepts that gives you a competitive edge – ideas that go viral.

We work with entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe,
using our know-how in crowdfunding along with our broad network


Everyday we experience waiting, some days more often than others.
Waiting upright for long hours, especially if you have ligament injuries,
is very uncomfortable. It’s our mission, with Sitpack, to solve this problem. Sitpack is 16.8cm in height and 6.5cm in diameter and is
pocketable and sustainable.

By flipping the sides of the Sitpack upward a seat is formed and the adjustable leg is revealed. Seating height is adjustable from 87cm (regular barstool) to 65cm, and can support up to 100 kg and provides an ergonomic seating position.

With Sitpack we aid people, in a cool manner, waiting at transport hubs, open-air events, even for military use. Several iterations of optimized Sitpacks, and hardware add-ons for each segment are in the pipeline.

why sitpack?

It creates a cool means of relief for physical strain.
It improves waste management at open-air events, where left-behind camping chairs are a major problem. It redefines existing portable seating and puts the user in a relaxed position that compliments relaxation and interaction.


Sitpack is cemented in sustainability and is the first portable seating device that is made out of a single material, helping reduce waste management. 
To put it simply, you can put your Sitpack into a granulate machine and pour it directly into our molding forms to make a fresh and fully functioning Sitpack.




Sitpack embodies the positive outcomes of resting with the right posture. Correct resting increases blood circulation and thereby your focus. It soothes a tired back, and it will keep your energy levels higher throughout the day, while stimulating muscles and balance.

Bring it with you in the morning on your way to work. If public transportation is delayed, you can pop out Sitpack and relax while waiting. Use it when you get to work, no need for overpriced stand up office chairs, use Sitpack.