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Njalsgade 21F, 6th floor
3200 Copenhagen S

Mono + Mono is a creative design agency located in Copenhagen, Denmark, focused on developing inspiring products and useful solutions. We control the entire value chain to ensure that everything is of the highest quality and every standard is met. 

About Us

+ About Us

Mono + Mono is a creative design agency, focused on developing inspiring products, and useful solutions. We control the entire value chain to make sure that everything is of the highest quality, and every standard is met. Say hi to our team below!


Founder and CEO

Jonas is the leader you want around when the tough gets going. With an international background, professional experience in business development both in Denmark and internationally, Jonas has a broad and holistic grasp of product management & strategic business development.  

He’s a bona-fide entrepreneur, who works best under the firearm of unforgiving deadlines. His main passion is creating and re-innovating products that meet even the most finicky customer’s demand.

Jonas’ vast armoury of skills includes: business development and strategy, research and idea creation.


Innovation Engineer
Inventing, that’s Theo’s real middle name… 

He is an innovative design engineer specialized in product development - from the
earliest stages of idea creation & user analysis, to the very last steps of manufacturing.

Theo has a broad set of skills ranging from design engineering, product development, the making of innovative solutions, further development and creation of new products in the future.  …coming soon!

With imaginative thinking, curiosity and keen desire for crafting innovative solutions, his professional conviction and personal ambition is to always strive for perfection in each and every project he puts
his ambitious mind to.    

Meet: Mats Miller

Graphic Designer

Mats is the Crocodile Dundee of graphic design. A genuine visual artist with a degree from the highly-acclaimed RMIT Melbourne, Australia. Beyond the corporate world, impressionist art fills much of Mats’ sphere of interest, which is reflected in his creative approach to design and concept development.

Mats has great experience with Adobe Creative Suite programs and in-depth knowledge of creating
3D packaging design, visual design & identity, complex Photoshop image editing, reprographics and
web design.

Meet: Mikael Varle

Project Manager - IT & Budget

Financial and IT-related contemplations are at the root of any business decisions. Clear budgetary planning is crucial for both the short and long term, and Mikael is truly the lord of the numbers & systems.

He always works with a structured and analytical approach to problem solving, and is responsible
for improving the company's IT processes, online platforms- overviewing the company's budget
and financial status.

Mikael is a skilled and avid user of Office applications, especially Excel, HTML coding,
Java, SQL, Podio, PipeDrive, Do and Omniplan. 

Meet: Martin Dokswel 

Marketing Executive

Dokswel is a creative soul, who is very passionate about writing and creating
compelling concepts - embedding storytelling in everything he does.

...especially on social media. 

The main goal of his work is to connect with the audience with emotion, excitement and
relevance. Dokswel always aims to combine creative direction, linguistics, phonetics, psychology,
brand strategy, popular culture and his ‘not-so-common’ common sense. 

He has been working with advertising, PR and digital marketing for about 9 years,
for various agencies and brands. 

He is also the author of the internationally acclaimed book Rio Is Melting.